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Experience Haarlem Fair

Speeches, presentations, workshops, exhibitors, kids entertainment, Tierney's Pub Quiz, popular music band The Buccaneers, drinks, meeting people & having fun. Join the largest bilingual fair in the Haarlem area! The program will cover…
Dutch Trains
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Dutch electric trains are fully powered by wind energy

The Dutch electricity company Eneco won a tender offered by the national railway company, NS. The two companies signed a 10-year deal setting January 2018 as the date by which all NS electric trains should run on wind energy. “So we in…
Haarlem Connect 2016
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It was a night full of interesting speakers, performances, the Information Plaza and meeting other internationals. It was great to see you there. Here are the movie and the photos. Can't wait to see the movie or the photos? The Haarlem Connect…
Dislike button (Getty images)

Dislike button on the way

Facebook is to add a "dislike" button to its social network, founder Mark Zuckerberg has said. Since the “like” button debuted in 2009, Facebook users have been asking for its counterpart. Mid-September Zuckerberg announced in a…
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expatsHaarlem OPEN !

So we built this new place for you. We got cake, champagne, balloons and decorated the whole place. Now we will put some great music on, sit back and wait till the guests come in.   Welcome! expatsHaarlem team.
Google Glass for sale to anybody in the US. Or not? (Photo: TechCrunch)

Google Glass for sale to anybody in the US. Or not?

From today Google Glass is for sale to anybody in the US. This is what Android Police and later Nu.nl communicated this Thursday, April 24. The article in Nu.nl mentions that earlier this month, Google Glass was available for all residents…
Transavia brings people in Italian atmospheres (Photo: Adformatie)
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Transavia brings people in Italian atmospheres

The Italianizer of Transavia: what an original way to promote flights! Promotion with fun! Well done! Transavia has two Italian sun holidays promoted in a fun way: a bus stop in Amsterdam was equipped with the so-called 'Italianizer', an…
Downloading illegal
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Downloading from illegal sources: as of today officially forbidden

Illegal downloading didn’t exist in the Netherlands. Now it does. As a consequence of a judgement of this morning of the European Court of Justice about the unfairness of home charge copy, illegal downloading of movies, music and other…
Still 7.4% of the Dutch use end of live Windows XP
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Still 7.4% of the Dutch use end of live Windows XP

On the last day that security updates about Windows XP were offered, 7.4% of the Dutch consumers and companies still use Windows XP, the outdated operating system of Microsoft. In the Netherlands the usage of Windows XP is however lower than…