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Haarlem Culinair is here!

Haarlem Culinair

Get ready to gorge yourself on the delicious culinary treats that Haarlem has to offer. 

It’s that time of the year when the Grote Markt in the center of Haarlem is turned into a foodie paradise. Restaurants in Haarlem are offering their cuisine to visitors (at a reasonable price) each day from the 4th August to the 7th August.


Haarlem restaurants taking part include; Brick, De Jopenkerk, Fris, Dijkers, De Kippenhal, Napoli, Wijn & Ko and more!


Find out more about other restaurants taking part and their menu of offer here.


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Katie Joy

Editor in Chief at expatsHaarlem
Katie Joy was born and raised in London and now lives in Haarlem with her partner and their two cats. Katie Joy runs her own handmade jewelry business from home. She enjoys exploring Haarlem, trying new places to eat and drink and likes to immerse herself into the Dutch lifestyle.
Katie Joy
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