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Interview of the month June 2017

While supporting expats with integration, their confidence and languages, I share these interviews, revealing personal stories, tips and advice. Moving countries is such a change, and how to feel ‘’at Home’’ can be challenging. Let’s…
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The loneliness behind a “professional” mask

Wanting to come across as having it together, on top of it all, near perfect—my definition of “professional”—has been a lifelong strategy of mine. Some might say it’s an American cultural thing. I can’t be certain of that, but I…

expatsHaarlem proudly presents: expatsHaarlem Work

The expatsHaarlem Work section is yet another service that expatsHaarlem has developed to make your life in the Netherlands and in Haarlem in particular a little easier. In this Work section you can read everything about the Dutch labour…
Dutch language required for social security: "no Dutch, no welfare" (Picture: RTL Nieuws)
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Dutch language required for social security: "no Dutch, no welfare"

Who doesn't speak and doesn't want to learn the Dutch language, will lose his welfare within a year. The law "no Dutch, no welfare" should be applied from next year. This is a bill that State Secretary Jetta Klijnsma of Social Affairs sent…