10 May: Nationale Molendag / National Windmill Day (Photo: Luca Guarnieri)

Windmills are an iconic part of the Dutch landscape.. and a visit to one is a must for visitors in the Netherlands. On Nationale Molendag (National Windmill Day), this weekend, about 950 windmills throughout Holland will be open to the public. 

Every year in mid-May, the country celebrates National Windmill Day. On this day windmills throughout the Netherlands are decorated with flowers, figures of angels or Dutch flags. Doors are thrown open to visitors; you can enter the mills without paying entrance fees. 

This year’s theme is “Discover your mill” and the focus will be on children’s activities. Mills can be used for many things such as flour milling, pumping water, pressing oil and sawing wood. National Windmill Day is a great opportunity to find out how this all happens. A unique experience. So, mark this weekend on your calendar and visit one of the open mills.

Which windmills are open nearby?

Look at the website of the National Windmill Day for all participating mills close to your home.

Tip: Go on a mill bike tour

There is no better day to discover Dutch mills than on National Windmill Day. The best way to visit these Dutch icons is on a bicycle. Go to a Tourist Information Office (VVV) and ask for the best bicycle routes that will take you to the most beautiful mills in the area.

Although National Windmill Day is a free event, a small contribution to the maintenance is always appreciated.

Molen de Adriaan (Photo: Luca Guarnieri)

Molen de Adriaan (Photo: Luca Guarnieri)

Molen de Adriaan - detail (Photo: Luca Coppola)

Molen de Adriaan – detail (Photo: Luca Coppola)

Molen de Adriaan - detail 2 (Photo: Luca Coppola)

Molen de Adriaan – detail 2 (Photo: Luca Coppola)



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