2 Turven Hoog

2 turven hoog theater festival also for non-Dutch speaking visitors

On Monday,  April 17th (Easter Monday 2nd) is again 2 Turven Hoog,  highly qualified performaces in Haarlem that make part of the Language No Problem Theater Programme that can be attended to by adults and kids and non-Dutch speaking visitors.

It is already the seventh edition of this adventurous theater festival for families with young children  from 1 – 6 years, which takes place annually in the Toneelschuur and the Philharmonie. Festival 2 Turven Hoog stands for highly qualified, and many new performances, art installations and workshops for the little ones, the very little children, for adults, anyway … for everyone.

The festival opens at 9:00 pm with the Art Playground in the foyer of the Philharmonie where children and their parents can play endlessly all day in the Nest Builder Village can relish giant cherry and jump on Kris Kras Karavaan. Free access.

Special guests this year are the ‘Potjesman’ (who welcomes you in his tent), funny ‘Kluizelaar’, you can hear him but not see, two foreign Flemish men with suitcases (‘Ceci n’est pas un livre’ of Theater de Spiegel in Antwerp), a wacky jazz singer with a magical voice (‘Sweet & swing’ of Theatre de la Guimbarde) and a musician who can make music with his nose (in the danceperformance ‘Ondersteboven’ by Dado Dance). There are two premieres (Potjesman and Aangewaaid) and the special interactive play exhibition for child and parent ‘Inside out’ of the Flemish artists Cie Iota.

Book your tickets at www.toneelschuur.nl or www.theater-haarlem.nl


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