4th of July Party

4th of July Party

In association with local shop A Taste of Home, The Wolfhound Irish Bar & Kitchen will be hosting a proper 4th of July party this Saturday. As a relatively new Irish bar in town it's one of the many different ways they'll be trying to provide…
Top 10 Tips for Doing Business with the Dutch

Top 10 Tips for Doing Business with the Dutch

Whether you have a Dutch boss, subordinates, colleagues or customers knowing how the local culture influences the way business is carried out is crucial to successful and effective business relations. Be prepared for lots of meetings…
Home utilities (Photo: Edwin van Eis)

A guide to setting up home utilities in the Netherlands

When you are moving to a new home in the Netherlands there are many things to arrange. For example, you will need utilities in your home - think of water, electricity, gas, internet and TV. In a new country, where you are unfamiliar with the…
gender pay gap

Dutch gender pay gap disminishes under one euro an hour

The wage gap between men and women in the Netherlands is shrinking because men are earning less. This results from a new research by wage assessment website the Monsterboard jobs platform. According to the study, the difference in average wages…

How to Face RAGE in Young Children

For this week I am focusing on the emotion called RAGE. Have you ever felt rage? If yes how did it feel in your body? Where did you feel it? How did your breathing go? Where did it happen? With whom did it occur? What thoughts…
Linnaeushof, Europe's biggest playground, is open

Summer tip: Linnaeushof, Europe's biggest playground

Speelparadijs Linnaeushof: the biggest playground of Europe! So close! Linnaeushof is located in Bennebroek, a 15 minute drive from Haarlem, 20 from Leiden, just some more from Amsterdam and The Hague.  During the whole season (April…
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Multilingualism Is Not An Excuse!

So often, I found myself saying or thinking: “She doesn’t do this or that, she’s multilingual”. When asked whether K. already says something, I sometimes have to reply: “No”. And I am very tempted to add: “She’s multilingual,…
Smaak Italie

Smaak van Italië 2015

Italian flavors, fragrances and emotions, among the avenues of the wonderful Kasteel De Haar. A terrific location for the Italian event of the year in The Netherlands, among the tree-lined avenues surrounded by a beautiful park. And a couple…
Dutch food
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Get your taste buds ready to sample some traditional Dutch food! In order to experience the Netherlands in an authentic way, you just HAVE to try traditional Dutch cuisines and specialties. So, here are the Top 22 Dutch foods you must try: 1. Haring…
Dutch Labour Law
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Changes in Dutch Labour Law 2015

As of 1 July 2015, new Dutch labour laws may result in some changes to the way you hire and dismiss personnel. More specifically: Changes affecting temporary personnel (Flexwet). Changes in regulations regarding the dismissal of employees…

Bees surprise woman after supermarket shopping

In Bloemendaal thousands of bees nested in a saddlebag. The owner of the bike was at that tmoment in the supermarket doing shopping to do. Probably the queen bee chose the place, followed by the rest. A beekeeper has been called to remove…
Haarlem mayor

Car Haarlem mayor burned down

Haarlem mayor Bernt Schneiders’ car went up in flames around 1:00 a.m. on Monday morning. The car burnt out completely. The fire department believe that the fire was caused by arson. The photos are impressive. The car was parked on…
Spring photo contest 2105

Haarlem Photo Club Spring photo contest 2105: the winners

Back in May we had this photo contest where our members could upload their best spring photo. We received some nice ones, some that were a bit less nice and a few outstanding photos that really gave us that crisp new spring feeling. Our jury…
Sorry guys, beards are over
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Sorry guys, beards are over

Beards are officially dead. What was once seen as the ultimate symbol of cool and the quintessential sign of manliness is now antiquated and unfashionable. According to Mashable, 'with the advent of the yuccie—that is, the Young Urban…
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low interest rate

5 effects of record-low interest rates: how can you benefit?

Written by Henk Jansen of Expat Mortgages What do historically low interest rates mean for you and how can you take advantage?  Record-low interest rates are making headlines all over Europe, while investors scramble with glee to lock…

Holland vs the Netherlands

Still not completely clear? Watch the video.
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My top 10 terraces in Haarlem for the summer

In the Netherlands, people are so anxious to sunbath that when the sun is showing up you can find everywhere in the streets improvised terraces in front of the doors. This is the Dutch way! In the Netherlands, let's be really clear, sun…
expats Haarlem Housing

expatsHaarlem introduces you to our new Housing manager

Nathalie will coordinate the expatsHaarlem Housing section. In this section you can read everything you need to know about the reasons to move to Haarlem, renting or buying a house in Haarlem, articles about the latest developments in the Housing…

The Netherlands first country with new Google public transport service

The Netherlands debuts as the first country in the world where Google is providing up-to-date public transport information via its Google Maps service. The Dutch news website nu.nl reports that it has been possible to request arrival…

Challenges of Expats – Interview of the month June

In my goal to support expats, I interview expats frequently and bring you their true stories. The life of an expat…Is it all glamorous and fun, or rather difficult and lonely? This answer is different for everyone.  The one common thing…