In 2020 no chocolate anymore

In 2020 no chocolate anymore

Bad news for all chocoholics: in 2020 there will be no chocolate anymore. This is what de Telegraaf reported yesterday, Monday, November 17, 2014.

The Swiss chocolate giant Barry Callebaut, a major supplier, warns that they can no longer meet demand. More and more chocolate is eaten, according to figures. Especially in Asia, sales increased considerably. Earlier Mars Inc. rang the doorbell.

Seventy percent of the cocoa is produced in the Ivory Coast and Ghana, but the conditions there are not ideal at the moment. Due to drought many cocoa plantations are devastated and because of a fungus thirty to forty percent of the production is lost. More and more farmers quit together cocoa cultivation because it yields too low.

According to the chocolate giant the price of the delicacy is doubled compared to eight years ago. It is therefore expected that prices will augment even more while the bars will become smaller. Also, they will be increasingly filled with a.o. nuts and dried fruit.


(Source, De Telegraaf)