4th of July Party

4th of July Party

In association with local shop A Taste of Home, The Wolfhound Irish Bar & Kitchen will be hosting a proper 4th of July party this Saturday. As a relatively new Irish bar in town it’s one of the many different ways they’ll be trying to provide a little bit of home to the many members of Haarlem’s international community.

“With Ireland’s connection to the States and the connection the States have with Ireland, and as there are no American bars to speak of, the natural place for a 4th of July party is an  Irish bar. Other upcoming events will be aimed at different members of Haarlem’s ever growing expat community, but right now we are very excited to be hosting this Independence Day celebration”

The party starts at 15:00 and American beers such as Coors Light and American food and snacks will be served. There will be delicious home made burgers, but A Taste of Home is also providing authentic American chili so chili dogs will also be served!

They will be great American music all day long -you know the anthems you just can’t help singing along to- and there will also be two live acts; at 16:00 Barnyard Tea will kick off with their raw, rowdy bluegrass to get the party started and at 20:30 they will be followed by The Revival playing all of everyone’s favourite American rock classics.

“We’re very exited about this event so we hope you will all come and help us celebrate!”
4th of July Party
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