5 october: Bokbierdag 2014 in Haarlem

5 october: Bokbierdag 2014 in Haarlem

Fancying to taste a special seasonal beer? Go to the center of Haarlem and taste a great bokbier. There is plenty of it today as: it is Bokbierdag! Is one bier not enough? Take a bokbier crawl! 

Bokbierdag 2014 beer crawl

You can start the walk at one of the participating bars where you can buy a stamp card.

Included in the price:

– Stamp card with info pubs and beers

– Gift when submitting a filled in form

With six stamps, the card is full and you can return it back to the cafe where you started to receive the gift.

The list of all participating bars in Bockbierdag 2014


What else to say? ENJOY this typical Dutch product: it is the best season and the best day to do it!

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