Sound journey

A journey you won’t forget

Did you know our body works as an orchestra? At the opera or at a concert, voices and instruments come together so we can experience the fluidity and beauty of harmony. The same goes for our body: each of our organs vibrates at its very own frequency and altogether they form a unique orchestra.

Now imagine that during a concert one of the instruments would be out of tune. The harmony of the whole concert would be disturbed and our experience quite different as well. Our daily modern life influences our body and puts it out of tune. Some parts or organs more than others which disturbs the harmony, the balance.

So, how do we tune our body back into harmony? Well, there’s a new trend in the wellness world, already widely spread in the US, arriving strong here in the Netherlands: Sound journeys, sound baths, or sound healing. Using sound is scientifically proven to affect and change our pulse, breathing rate and the vibration of our brainwaves. Depending on what we’re doing our brain activity fluctuates, firing thousands of neurons simultaneously at the same frequency generating a wave.

Sound journey

Sound healing therapy works so well that on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean sound baths, sound journeys and sound healing sessions have become so popular that they are on the weekly schedule of the main yoga or meditation studios. Because they create the perfect environment to take us and our brain in the Alpha, Theta and even Delta waves zones where we experience deep relaxation, release, and healing.

Of course, in Haarlem sound journeys are available. Gonca Gürses, a Turkish expat, living in the Netherlands for 4 years, gives a monthly Sound Journey at Yoga Innerwork.

Sound journey

How she became a sound healing therapist is a journey of its own. As a child, Gonca was gifted with an exceptional voice and always felt called to use her gift. Even though she started as an investment manager after graduating from university, she decided to pursue a different career. She entered the Istanbul State Conservatory and became a soprano at the Istanbul State Opera House.

During each of her performance people would get emotional. Afterwards they would come to her and thank her for the relief and peace they felt. She started to wonder if her repertoire needed some change to generate different reactions. But even with joyful songs, the same happened. Gonca wanted to understand why such reactions were triggered by her voice and started to research. This is how she discovered sound healing therapy.

Fascinated by the Esoteric and Occult studies, she traveled and studied with the Istanbul Wisdom Center visiting different energy spots of the planet. During one of their trips in Egypt, she was called to use her voice during a meditation of her group into the King’s Chamber at the Great Pyramid of Giza. Everyone present was profoundly touched by her performance.

Sound journey

This experience marked a turning point after which she traveled the world to practice and study sound healing learning to use her voice and different kinds of instruments. She was taught by masters such as a Tibetan monk, Native Americans and great musicians and singers from many countries. During the latest part of her own journey, she was trained to perform the sacred Cacao Ceremony.

Bringing all these arts and practices together, she taps into her intuition and uses the power of sound to create an incredible experience: Gonca’s sound journey brings you into a state of deep relaxation, floating between consciousness and dream. The exceptional space at Yoga Innerwork where it takes place makes it a journey you will certainly not forget.

So, whether you go for a group journey or a private healing session, get yourself ready to dive deep into this sensory experience and to explore unknown territories from which you get back with a sense of peace that goes beyond imagination.