Addressing the need to be liked

It is time to stop being a people pleaser and instead make time to build more self-worth.

You are a kind person, that’s great, but when do you become a people pleaser?

The difference between being nice and being a people pleaser is the need to be liked.

The need to be liked

Why do you need to be liked?
Why do you need approval from others?

Many people lack self-worth, self-confidence or self-esteem, that’s when we want to please everyone so we feel worthy.

It is time to:

  • Stop being a people pleaser;
  • Start saying no to others and say yes to yourself;
  • Grow your self-worth; and
  • Shine your light!

Remember to believe in yourself!

Watch this video and learn how to stop people pleasing:

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Start saying no to others and say yes to yourself

Enjoy manifesting the life you desire!