Amsterdam Comedy Club at Amsterdam Brewery

Good beer, good laughs, great times: come experience a night of beer and laughter at Amsterdam’s best comedy brewery! On Saturday 18 March at 7:30 pm.

Looking for a unique and hilarious night out in Amsterdam? Look no further than a comedy show at our Breugem Brewery! Imagine sipping on some of the finest home made craft beers in the city, surrounded by fellow beer lovers, all while laughing your socks off to some of the best comedians in town.

On stage international talents: Steven Morgan and Hermes Ahmadi, supported by Emily Higginson, Romaine Charles and Cheryl Lee.

The combination of craft beer and comedy is a match made in heaven. The laid-back and relaxed atmosphere of a brewery provides the perfect setting for a night of fun and laughter.

Whether you’re a local searching for something new or different to do, or a tourist looking for a memorable night out, or a comedy show at a brewery is a must-see experience. You’ll have the chance to sample some of the best beers in Amsterdam, meet new people, and laugh until your sides hurt.

So gather your friends, make a reservation, and come experience a night of beer and laughter at Amsterdam’s best comedy brewery. Trust us, you won’t regret it!



Doors open at 7: 00 PM. Show at 7:30 PM. The bar is open during the whole event. Why don’t you come some earlier to taste the mytical award winner Breugem Beer or our dlicious BEET DOGS .


Steven Morgan (MC)

Comedian, improviser, storyteller, actor, writer, musician as featured on Australia’s ABC and the UK’s BBC.

Steven Morgan is a British standup comedian living in The Netherlands who has performed internationally, in countries such as Australia, Japan, UK, Belgium and more.

In 2017, Steven Morgan was appointed the festival director of Bris Funny Fest, the largest comedy festival in the city of over 2 million people. Over its limited run, there were over 100 shows from 50 different acts. Living in The Netherlands, where he moved from Brisbane, AU, Steven has toured and performed in famous comedy clubs and festivals around the world alongside acts such as Stephen Carlin, Damien Power and Greg Shapiro. He creates comedy sketches including his viral tongue-in-cheek “Working From Home” instructional video.

Steven is known for his awkward yet obsessive nature which embraces the absurd. His stand-up style was described by the Out Of Order Podcast as “Robin Williams shit when he was high on cocaine, times by three”.

Hermes Ahmadi

Hermes decided to nosedive into comedy a bit over four years ago and immediately entered the finals of small festivals in the Netherlands!

He quickly toured around the Netherlands and picked up shows in neighbouring Belgium and Germany as well. From clubs, to pubs to theaters, if there’s a stage, a stool and a mic (and a bar), Hermes will be there!

Meanwhile, he developed his own brand of comedy, combining personal stories with absurd thoughts and sometimes wholesome, sometimes scalding observations about our best and worst habits. His material varies from cheese to driving, from climate change to the end of the world!

In 2022, he started touring with his very first solo show named “You might be here”, about his life in Afghanistan in war and peace, his journey to the Netherlands and the weird Western European culture he grew up in.

Emily Higginson

Emily Higginson is a young comedian from America, but don’t hold that against her. Friends have described Emily as “an average performer” and “kind of funny I guess”. Emily has de-scribed herself as “very tall” and “extremely funny”.

Romaine Charles

Jacksonville, Florida-based comedian Romaine Charles is originally from New York City where he acquired his dark persona. He performs regularly at the Jacksonville Comedy Zone and at other venues around the Southeast US. He has opened for artists such as Kevin Meaney, Nick DiPaolo, and Brooks Wheelan. He has also performed internationally in Barcelona Prague, Berlin, Tokyo, Montreal, and Toronto.

Cheryl Lee

@comic_blonde of The Comedy Zone and Eclipse in Jacksonville FL USAHas opened for Ozrick Cooley , Wes Johnson, Ron Barnett, Joey Nickle of Comedy Superfriends!

Pre-comedy snack

BEET DOG with a glass of specialty beer of your choice for 11,95

* A Hot Dog from sausage maker Brand & Levie with beet and 30% organic meat. It is served with smoked ketchup, Zaanse mustard, salad and crispy onions.


Tickets: €12.50 online | €15.00 at the door. Student tickets: € 7.00 (show your student card at the door).




The Breugem story started in 2009 by master brewer Patrick Breugem. Brewer from the very beginning. Brewing since 2004. (De Prael / De Molen / Het Veulen / De Zeven Deugden) As a born Rotterdammer, ‘no-nonsense’ is perfect for him. Patrick is everyone’s friend. A born connector. His attitude to life form the pillars of the company. He is therefore literally the face of Breugem Bier.

Breugem brewery’ s goal is to brew beer and thereby give people distanced from the labour market the opportunity to work. Breugem brewery is the meeting point combining people and beer, and people with each other.


Breugem Awards Winning Craf Beer

At Breugem brewing craft beer is taken very seriously, which has resulted in a list of international craft beer prizes and awards. Maybe it is unnecessary to mention, but we are very proud of this list 🙂


Gold – Frankfurt International Trophy – Winter Gloed (Cat. Seciality Beer)

Gold – Frankfurt International Trophy – Lente Kus (Cat. Lager – German Style Märzen)


Gold – Frankfurt International Trophy – Heet & Stout (Cat. Flavoured Beer – Spices) Gold – Frankfurt International Trophy – Saense Tripel (Cat. Ale – Tripel Belgian Style)Silver – Ibeerian Awards – Kracht Hout (Cat. Wood and barrel aged) Bronze – Ibeerian Awards – Lente Kus (Cat. Helles Bock / Maibock)


Gold – Dutch Beer Challenge – Heet & Stout (Cat. Innovatie/speciaal: Speciaal)1st prize – Noord Hollandse Bierverkiezing – Heet & Stout (Cat. Zwaar Bier)


Gold – Brussels Beer Challenge – Saense Bock (Cat. German-Style Dunkel Bock/Doppelbock)Gold – Dutch Beer Challenge – Kracht Hout (Cat. Houtgelagerd)Silver – Lyon Concours Frankrijk – Zoentje (Cat. Speciality Beer)Silver – Kraft Roku Polen – Asian White Bronze – Brussels Beer Challenge – Saense IPA (Cat. Pacific IPA)


Gold – Dutch Beer Challenge – Dark IPA (Cat. Dark/Black IPA)Silver – Dublin Craft Beer Cup – Saense Kracht3rd prize – Beer festival Groningen – Saense Tripel (Cat. Best Tripel)


Gold – Dutch Beer Challenge – Saense Kracht (Cat. Innovatie/speciaal: Speciaal)Silver – International Beer Cup Japan – Saense TripelBronze – International Beer Cup Japan – Kracht Hout


Gold – International Beer Cup Japan – Saense Tripel1st prize – Beer festival Groningen – Saense Tripel (Cat. Best Tripel)Silver – International Beer Cup Japan – Saense Kracht


Public’s choise – Beer festival Groningen – Lente Kusje (Cat. Best Spring Bock).