Amsterdam’s Tuschinski most beautiful cinema in the world

Amsterdam’s Tuschinski Theatre has been named the most beautiful cinema in the world by Time Out magazine.

Time Out’s most beautiful cinemas

In their list of the 50 most beautiful cinemas in the world, Time Out magazine honours modern and historic cinemas around the world. Featuring breathtaking and unique cinemas from Singapore, Mexico City, New York and Rome, Paris, London and Barcelona, the list could serve as an ideal travel guide for any film buff. But great building and cinemas lovers in the Netherlands won’t have to travel too far to visit the most beautiful cinema in the world, as it is right here in Amsterdam!


Palatial Tuschinski named most beautiful cinema in the world

The Tuschinski Theater on the Reguliersbreestraat in Amsterdam was designed and built by the Polish cinema operator Abraham Tuschinski, who was in transit to the US but got stuck in the Netherlands. It opened in October 1921. Pathé Tuschinski has a rich and fascinating history. The art deco building is easily the most famous cinema in the Netherlands.

The jury, which consists of editors of the magazine and art connoisseurs, describes the cinema as “a dream palace that never grew old, with its elegant mix of Art Deco and Art Nouveau with sleek modernist accents.” Time Out recommends its readers “take a pilgrimage to this opulent, historic sanctuary for the movies.”


Concerts, operas and gala premieres

The interior and exterior are a spectacular mix of styles, as designed by Hijman Louis de Jong; Amsterdam School, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The cinema, with its theatrical main hall, is a popular place for gala premieres. Before the corona crisis, live concerts and operas that took place elsewhere in the world were increasingly shown on the big screen.

When it first opened, the theater contained electro-technical features, then considered revolutionary. Its unique heating and ventilation system kept the temperature even throughout the building. In 1940 a Wurlitzer– Strunk theatre organ was installed, consecutively to a Wurlitzer model 160.

During the Second World War (1940–1945) the theatre was given the name ‘Tivoli’.

Between 1998 and 2002, the theater was renovated in its original style. It was also expanded, with a new, more modern wing that connects to the original building via a corridor. The new wing added three extra auditoriums to the Tuschinski.

These days it’s owned by Pathé and was recently refurbished with original touches, like the Wurlitzer-Strunk organ, left untouched and the historic wall paintings restored to their original specs. There’s a stylish new bar – Bar Abraham – paying tribute to its founder and serving up movie-inspired cocktails to thirsty film lovers.


Corona closure

As a result of the corona measures, Tuschinski, like all other cinemas in the Netherlands, is closed.


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