Restaurant review: Toujours fish & meat

Last week my hubby and I tried a for us new restaurant in Haarlem: Toujours, on the Oude Groenmarkt. We had passed by many times but always doubted about entering. A quick view in the entrance gives a good impression, thanks to the modern, stylish but not posh interior.

Duinrell: a fun day out or family vacation

Duinrell is an amusement park located in Wassenaar, close to The Hague and Leiden, approximately 40 minutes driving from Haarlem. It’s wonderfully located in the forest and dunes and nearby a wide beach and the park itself is one of the most beautiful amusement parks of the Netherlands.

New Music "from Haarlem": Jacqueline Govaert, White Nose, Myriam West, The Name

A music hit: Jacqueline Govaert, Songs To Soothe; Haarlem rock/punk: Yorick van Noorden & White Nose, The Hype; Jazz and blues: Myriam West, From now on, Haarlem metal: The Name, Unchained

Dutch Movies - De goede dood, Plan C, Taped

A few suggestions for some new Dutch movies. No subtitles. De Goede dood Het succesvolle toneelstuk uit 2008 is nu verfilmd met dezelfde cast, onder wie Huub Stapel, Wil van Kralingen en Peter Tuinman. Een tragikomedie over het aangekondigde afscheid van een terminale patiënt, gezien door de ogen van zijn familie en geliefden. Plan C […]

Books - Legal thrillers of Bram Moszkowicz and Leon de Winter

The top ex-lawyer Bram Moszkowicz and the writer Leon de Winter from Bloemendaal and partly Los Angeles are writing a new trilogy: Legal thrillers.

Housing costs in Haarlem lowest, Zandvoort biggest riser. (Photo: RTL Nieuws)

The Association Owned House, put the housing costs for 2014 in all Dutch municipalities in a row. A comparison between the municipalities in South Kennemerland shows that Haarlem has the cheapest housing costs. Zandvoort shows a huge increase, especially the property tax goes up considerably in that municipality.