Asian cars most reliable says Consumers’ Association report

The most reliable cars come from Asia. At least, this is the result from the annual research investigation of the Consumers’ Association (Consumentenbond). Mini is the only European car brand in the organisation’s ‘reliability top 10’. 

Research shows that if you opt for Citroën or Volkswagen, you will have a much reliable car on the road than a Toyota or a Hyundai.

As in all previous 20 years of this report being issued, the top 10 most reliable cars mainly includes car brands from Korea and Japan. The leader is Lexus (8.8). The lucky owners of this Toyota luxury brand rarely, if ever, report problems. The only non-Asian brand to make the list is Germany’s Mini, which shares equal 4th place with Mitsubishi. Both brands receive a score of 8.

Tesla is disappointing

New in the list is Tesla. The electric cars of this brand have a combined score a 6.3, which puts the brand in 22nd. Consumers seem to complain in particular about Model S and problems that arise following software updates. The report of the Consumers’ Association also stated that the relatively new Model 3 is doing well.

Improving: Fiat and Seat

A number of cars that scored poorly last year are ‘getting revenge’ according to the Consumers’ Association. For example, Fiat climbs to 14th (6.7) from 20th place (6.1). The Fiat 500 city car in particular scores relatively well. Seat is also doing better. In 2019, the brand was at the bottom of the list with a 5.2, now it is in 15th place with a 6.6. The increase is mainly due to the reliable Ibiza model.

Unreliable: Citroen, Peugeot and Alfa Romeo

The lowest figures this year go to the French brands Citroën (6.2) and Peugeot (6.1) and, at the very bottom, is Italy’s Alfa Romeo (5.7).

About the research

The Consumers’ Association asked 8000 car drivers how often they had a breakdown along the road in the period between June 2019 and June 2020 or, in case of less serious problems, whether they had to take their car to the garage. A total of 74% respondents reported that they had not had a breakdown in that period, while 26% did have to go to the garage once or more.


[Source: Consumentenbond]

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