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Traveling on a budget

With the number of sunny days increasing, the temperatures rising and the traveling restrictions lifting, it gets harder to contain our urge to get out there and rediscover the world. Daydreaming of the beautiful places to go to is easy, but it’s actually easier said than done.

Transform your home, not your lifestyle

Emerging lifestyles are transforming the way we interact with our houses. The limits between personal, social and work life are blurring, and with it the innate comfort of our homes. The benefits of living in a harmonious and functional space are underrated, but our well-being should never be underestimated.

Long-distance relationship: Is it for you?

Long-distance relationships are not a walk in the park, but when it comes to love, it’s not always black or white. When talking about love relationships it’s easier to take one of two postures, a romanticized vision of how the books and movies tell us love is supposed to be; or a very negative heartbreaking […]