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expatsHaarlem: the first 2 months in figures

Website reach: Unique visitors: 8.512 in May, 9.835 in June Visits: 11.465 in May; 12.350 in June Pages: 21.733 in May, 19.665 in June. Website community: 120 members Facebook group members: expatsHaarlem: 493 expatsHaarlem Parents & Kids: 126 expatsHaarlem Photo Club: 25 expatsHaarlem page: 541 likes Meetup group members: expatsHaarlem: 71 expatsHaarlem Parents & Kids: […]

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Learning A Language By Popping A Pill?

I just saw a YouTube movie, previously published and commented on the Guardian, about a very interesting debate on this issue: Are drugs the answer to language learning? In the words of the Guardian: “Could smart drugs be the future for language learning? What are the moral and ethical implications of medically enhanced education? Would you take a pill if it would help your […]

All Dutchies speak English

Is this true? According to Jakub Marian: almost fully true. Jakub Marian made an interesting Map of European Union competency in English based on this 2012 Eurobarometer report (the data are from 2012, so Croatia is not included).

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Daniel-Ryan Spaulding, the Internationally-Touring Canadian Stand-Up Comedian, has performed in 35 countries worldwide. His intelligent cultural and social observations are delivered with a high energetic, flamboyant style that is impossible to resist! Daniel is performing in the Netherlands now. expatsHaarlem interviewed him on a hot summer evening over Dutch beer and bitterballen.

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This weekend: today Vlaggetjesdag in Scheveningen; tomorrow: Fish market in IJmuiden

Vlaggetjesdag” (Flag Day) festival is celebrated today, June 14th, in Scheveningen. “Vlaggetjesdag” (Flag Day) was the celebration welcoming the arrival of the first young herring of the season to the port of Scheveningen, Vlaardingen and IJmuiden. Nowadays the annual event is only celebrated in Schevenigen where it still marks the start of the herring season.


Kanen bij de Kerk (“Eating at the church”)

This summer, the Boerenplein (Farmer Square) next to the Jopenkerk is one of the nicest places in Haarlem. For many reasons. One of them: eight Sundays long fresh and healthy food enthusiasts can sit at long tables next to food trucks for lunch, drinks or dinner. Last year “Kanen bij’ (“Eating at”) in Amsterdam became […]


English lessons to bilingual children in Haarlem and surroundings

Haarlem is a great place to grow up for children and although there are many internationals living in Haarlem, there is currently no international education in Haarlem. Once at school, multilingual families often experience that the primary language develops much faster than the secondary language which then causes difficulties talking to grandparents and other family […]

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“The art of the Brick” – Lego exhibition

The Art of the Brick- Lego  museum exhibition tour  North America, Asia and Australia and now… the Netherlands! The Art of the Brick makes a stopover in Amsterdam during its international tour to allow visitors to marvel at incredible original sculptures and re-creations made entirely out of LEGO blocks by American artist Nathan Sawaya.

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Spijt! wins best European youth film

The Dutch youth film Spijt! has won the European Film Academy Young Audience Award on Sunday evening in Erfurt, Germany. The film by Dave Schram recorded against the Danish MGP Missionen and the German The Stormwind. Young people between 12 and 14 years old could see the three films on Saturday in seventeen European countries and […]

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New rules for day care tax reduction in 2014

Working and having or expecting to have kids at the day care in 2014? Be aware that from 2014 there are new rules for the Childcare Payment Request to have tax reduction. If you are working and paying taxes for childcare in the Netherlands you are entitled to Childcare Tax Refund. How much refund depends […]


Granted measures against gulls nuisance

In Haarlem residents of various neighborhoods experience already several years the nuisance of nesting gulls. Especially in the summer when the birds feed their young and early in the morning hindrance seems to be more difficult to tolerate. Also the excremenst are bothersome.