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Toddler Tips: The “No!” Phase

Your toddler is developing at a very fast pace. One day they he is a helpless little baby, not being able to communicate effectively and making an effort to crawl, and the other he can suddenly walk, talk and make choices. Well, it’s not that sudden or surprising, but it certainly is a big change. […]

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Becoming Bilingual: A Piece of cake?

This article isn’t about children that were exposed to more than one language since birth, but about kids that were exposed to a different language after the acquisition of their mother tongue. That was my case at five. I know people usually say that children learn a foreign language easily, almost effortlessly. They also say […]


Being a Third Culture Kid – Part 2: The Benefits

This article is part 2 of 3 on being a Third Culture Kid (TCK). Summing things up, we are talking about children that have spent a significant part of their development years living out of their home culture, not identifying completely with either their birth or their host country’s specificities, thus acquiring a unique view […]


Being a Third Culture Kid – Part 1: The Challenges

Do you have small children and are you thinking of moving abroad? Did you shift between cultures as a child? Are your children spending a significant part of their development years in a culture that isn’t their original one? If any of the above apply to your situation, you probably have come across the concept […]