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When it doesn’t get up.

A funny title for an article about a not so funny experience for many men who have difficulties with keeping their erection during sex. I am a man myself and a Sex counselor in Amsterdam and I know how much this topic is sensitive and can cause painful feelings.

Life Outside the Comfort Zone

“I am alive!” We should always carry this awareness with us as a background melody for each moment of our lives. It gives life a deeper meaning and value. Unfortunately, we often forget this simple fact and begin to take our presence on Earth for granted. It happens because the awareness of being alive is […]

Beyond Culture Shock

Moving to a foreign country has an emotional impact which can be more or less strong according to our own way of reacting to it. Some people are immediately enthusiastic about the country they moved to and adapt to it smoothly. Others, after a difficult initial period, overcome the stress and find their way. However […]

Long-distance relationships

Working as psychologist in Amsterdam I often meet people who have relationship issues: long-distance relationships, mixed couples and mutual adaptation, migrant couples struggling to reinvent themselves. The therapeutic environment is a good point of view to watch what is happening to these expat couples and has prompted me to write this series of articles, hoping […]

Anxiety and Expat Life

In my work as a psychologist in Amsterdam, I often help and support people with anxiety disorders: panic attacks, chronic agitation, stress, psycho-physical tensions, insomnia, etc. All these conditions are becoming more and more frequent and, indeed, very present in our daily life. They are no longer alterations or disorders, but rather normal things: “I’m […]

A problem called “Happiness”

When I was studying psychology at university, I did not imagine that later on as a therapist I would have to face a problem called “happiness.” This mysterious thing we call happiness seems to be a must-have for everyone and – whether we achieve it or not – we are in trouble anyway. “I have […]