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Train smart: The fitness of the future!

Here we are again, January. The time of the year you feel the festive meals of the past few weeks each time you put on your jeans, and you remember that moment holding your glass of Champagne when you told yourself: “This year is the year. I’ll start working out and get fit.”

A journey you won’t forget

Did you know our body works as an orchestra? At the opera or at a concert, voices and instruments come together so we can experience the fluidity and beauty of harmony. The same goes for our body: each of our organs vibrates at its very own frequency and altogether they form a unique orchestra.

Breathe yourself free!

Release. Let go. Easier said than done. We all have things we would like to get rid of, feelings, emotions, beliefs keeping us stuck. But how? How do we get them out of our system so we can simply feel good?