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How is the office life in the Netherlands (and in Haarlem)?

The Netherlands is ranked third in the world for work-life balance by the Office for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). When you work in an office, your hours are clearly defined and always respected. It is unusual to find employees slogging away into the night, however there is also the attitude that you are at […]

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Enjoy autumn in Haarlem’s nature

Autumn with its beautiful colours and invigorating breeze makes Haarlem and the surrounding areas even more beautiful. Haarlem is a lively town with a population of over 350,000, and once a thriving North Sea trading port. Even though Haarlem is a vibrant urban hub, there are still some amazing places where you can enjoy nature […]


How To Start Working Out In Haarlem After A Long Break

The Netherlands has been recently ranked as the 15th healthiest country in the whole world, with a health grade of 85,86. Factors such as quality health care, healthy diets, and outdoor activities and exercise have contributed to the nation’s high life expectancy and healthier lifestyle, compared to other countries. Physical activity, in particular, is such […]


Understanding Non-Emergency Healthcare In Haarlem

The Dutch healthcare system is one of the best in the world, and it has always been welcoming for expats. However, as US News’ highlight of the stunted vaccine roll-out has shown, there are inefficiencies in the system that can be especially difficult for expats to navigate. This is especially pronounced in non-urgent care.