Barbary Fig Seed Oil - The New "It" Oil

Barbary Fig Seed Oil – The New “It” Oil

(Face) oil is a heavenly experience for the skin. No wonder the skin oil revolution is taking the beauty world by storm.

Most natural beauty products – lip balms, moisturizers, serums, shampoos and conditioners, even makeup such as foundation, lipstick and mascara use oils, some of the most popular players being jojoba, argan and coconut oils.

One type of oil, Barbary fig seed oil (which you probably haven’t heard of) is a big deal and probably the new “it” oil.

Barbary fig seed oil is derived from a cactus commonly known as prickly pear. The Barbary fig seeds are only 5% oil. With 1 liter of oil being made out of 1 000 kgs (yes one thousand! kilograms), Barbary fig seed oil one of the most expensive and precious oils in the world. Prickly pears are grown widely in Mexico, Latin America, South America and the Mediterranean region.

Facts about Barbary Fig Seed Oil

  • Barbary fig seed oil is exceptionally high in vitamin E and linoleic acid, beating out even argan oil;
  • Unlike argan, the cactus and its fruit aren’t endangered, making it a popular alternative for producers and exporters who aren’t faced with an ethical dilemma as the ingredient’s popularity rise;
  • Also rich in beneficial betalains (powerful antioxidants), active minerals and amino acids, Barbary fig seed oil protects against free radicals, stimulates new cell growth, and calms inflammation;
  • Because of its high vitamin E content, Barbary fig seed oil is easily absorbed, penetrating below the surface of the skin with ease for maximum benefits without leaving any oily residue behind;
  • Barbary Fig seed oil is most potent when it’s cold-pressed (and certified organic, of course).

Benefits of Barbary Fig Seed Oil

Barbary fig seed oil is one of the most naturally effective and latest treatments in the anti-aging revolution:

  • Barbary fig seed oil stimulates cell renewal and helps protect against free radicals;
  • Moisturizes and revitalizes skin for a beautiful and healthy complexion;
  • Tightens and tones skin to prevent premature aging;
  • Protects the skin against environmental damage;
  • Reduces under eye puffiness and minimizes dark circles;
  • Excellent for mature skin, Barbary fig seed oil helps address signs of aging including hyperpigmentation, while the high fatty acid content plumps skin to help smooth wrinkles and increase firmness;
  • Reduces redness (rosacea), soothes sunburn;
  • Restructurer, healer, and repairer, Barbary fig seed oil has a positive action on scars.


A true gift from nature and a rock star in its pure, whole plant effectiveness, Barbary fig seed oil is ready to take its turn to shine in the spotlight.


Great to use day or night, with Barbary fig-seed oil a little goes a long way. Simply use 2–3 drops and smooth it around the face, including eyes and lips.

Barbary Fig Seed Oil is beneficial to all skin types and can do wonders for hormonal skin types (stress and hormone related breakouts).

Here is a blemish and redness fighting mask which works wonders – mix raw honey, baking soda and Barbary fig seed oil. Leave on for 10-15 mins and rinse.


Use just a few drops and massage into the neck and cleavage. It also makes for a super-hydrating all-over body moisturiser, while soothing dry skin of the feet and hands.


Not only useful on the skin, Barbary fig seed oil is also highly beneficial to dry hair and scalp, soothing irritation and boosting shine.

Barbary fig seed oil is great for dry hair and split ends. Apply 10–15 drops of Barbary fig seed oil throughout the hair to the ends. Leave for about 30 minutes. Wash your hair.

Those are the facts. Now my personal experience.

At first I was a bit skeptical about this “prodigious” oil. It sounded too good to be true. Until I tried it. Once I put this wonder oil on my skin, I knew that every word about it is true. I normally choose a combination of oils as it gives my skin the benefits of multiple oils. The Barbary fig seed oil is so potent though that you simply don’t need anything else. I finally have control over my skin.


This article has been previously published on Reina Organics.

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