Beating Heart: drone light show celebrating Dutch freedom

More than 300 drones illuminated the sky in a spectacular light show above Rotterdam on the evening of 5 May, the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day. Watch a video of the show below.

Studio Drift created the aerial display as a special performance to mark the occasion of Liberation Day and as a tribute to healthcare workers at this time. The creative minds behind the Amsterdam-based studio are Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta.

Franchise Freedom

Studio Drift first began exploring the relationship between man, nature and technology in their Franchise Freedom project in 2017. It comprises 300 illuminated drones, programmed to mimic the behaviour of starlings in the sky.

The special Franchise Freedom performance in Rotterdam was supported by arts organisation Mothership. ‘On this special Liberation Day, the whole world is trapped in the grip of the coronavirus,’ said Jeroen Everaert of Mothership. ‘Right now, Mothership wants to cooperate in giving this artwork a sign of hope. Commemorate, hope and persevere.’

The light show lasted for 15 minutes with the drones flying above the Erasmusbrug and the Rotterdam skyline. Changing colours throughout the course of the performance, the drones came together for the highlight of the show to form the outline of a red beating heart.

Watch the performance:

[Source: Rijnmond TV]