How to behave online in 2017

We learn how to succeed, follow a dream, but no one says how to behave online. Go search “how to behave online” on Google and you’ll get “how to behave in the church” or “how to behave in the Gladiators Games.” That’s all you should know about how to behave in a place where we spend two years of life on average! (and it’s only in Facebook).


Once my friend sent me a red heart in a message. I dawdled for a minute or so and then asked him what exactly he wanted to say with that heart. Those hearts are like red roses for your grandmother, mean wedding bells and the confessions of the eternal love, not a simple agreement with the last message. If you like something – send smiley face or a heart of another color, but not a red one, leave it for the dying online romantics.
Did you get the red heart together with other symbols? ❤️?? – Congratulations, you have a puzzle to solve.


You sent a message, it was seen but left without an answer. It annoys me so much. There is a girl who leaves messages without answers for months, but it comes within a minute if the risen topic is interesting. So if you are a super-busy deputy – turn off your notifications and work, the excuse “what if it’s important” doesn’t work, what’s the logic behind checking messages all the time.

Online vs offline life.

How many articles were written about online life? There is no sense to tell your friends how your day was as it is possible to show even the foam density on your morning coffee in the Instagram stories. That was a nice talk indeed. Imagine when you gather with friends or even worse – with relatives to celebrate your granny’s eightieth birthday and instead of a family conversation, everyone is staring at the riveting screen. You also can send gifts via messengers. Sarcasm.

In Holland, there is a rule: the first who checks the phone pays for everyone’s dinner. It works, tested on a personal experience. So mute your phone, hide it in a bag and only after the last person leaves, check likes on social media.

Unfollow or delete.

It is easier to hide your disaffection on Facebook – press the “unfollow” button and that’s it, no one is offended or get annoyed by someone’s posts. But it’s more complicated on Instagram, especially for those who use it as a main social media. You won’t delete your friend from your followers on Instagram simply because you two had a fight. How to explain such a spontaneous hysterical behavior the next day? Take your calming down pills and relax – it’s better than pressing red buttons.




There were three months of never-ending love, million liked posts, comments, and photos. But I used to know people who unliked all photos after the breakup. It feels like a slow guillotine. Just forbid yourself to tap two times on a screen with the face of that person, it’s simple like that. On the other hand, what does it mean when your ex-es likes you on social media, and you have already had two kids and happily married? Do they miss us and want to return everything back, or they are sorry they don’t share mountains of dirty diapers and travels with us? Someone, please explain the phenomenon of the human psyche behavior online.

Share photos.

We all have that photo, where everyone looks like a piece of crap, except you. There is a big temptation to post that photo, just don’t. Nobody canceled the heard rule (the more ugly friends around the usual girl, the better she looks), but we are not sixteen anymore and this is not an American TV series, be more tolerant, discuss with your friends what photo do you want to publish and seen by two billion people.

Tagged photos.

You broke up and instead of “my love” there is someone who is “Jacob from work”. What should you do with all tagged photos on the social media? Imagine our parents out for a date with photo albums from the previous relationships? “Crazy”, – Freud would say, “delete tags”, – we would recommend.

Personal space.

You got engaged and didn’t post the ring on Instagram, got married and didn’t change Facebook status — the society is indignant, chews popcorn and requires the entertainment for the discussion. Respect other people personal life, even online, where everyone wants to have fun. Want to spy on other’s lives? Do it quietly then. And bring me one more popcorn with cheese, please.




Your boss or relatives shouldn’t see everything you share online. Do not neglect the ability to filter the access to your publications.

Selfies and naked photos.

If you don’t have anything else to share with your audience — then it’s clear if it’s your work — also, and that’s it, there is a no more logical explanation for such pictures.

Caps lock.

When you use Caps Lock, you are shouting online. Try to keep your emotions with you, or go to the gym more often — they say it helps to calm down.

Mute mode at the movies.

Stop sending messages while you are watching the movie — it disturbs other visitors’ eyes and nerves. If you find the movie not interesting — you are always free to leave. In other cases — forget about your phone for two hours, nothing serious will happen without your intervention.



In the end, we learn how to say «thank you» and «sorry» at school, how to support animal foundations and not wear leopard print. Let follow simple rules on the internet and live without rubbish online as well.

Anna Bilenka