Belgians drink the most on holiday (Photo:

Belgians drink the most on holiday

With an average of 3.7 drinks per day, Belgians are the biggest drinkers among European holidaymakers. 

This results from a study conducted by the travel website Zoover, surveying 4.000 Europeans from 10 different countries.

Dutch drink, according to the survey, on average of 3.3 glasses alcohol per day and are thus in the top 4 in terms of alcohol consumption. Denmark and England can respectively be found on the second and third place.

About 28 percent of the Dutch say to keep it to 1 glass or less a day or less and 34 percent admits to drink 1-3 glasses per day. 9 percent of the Dutch “tap” during a holiday more than 10 drinks and 2 percent simply do not know anymore how many drinks they consumed there.

Heavy drinkers

Although Polish holiday enjoyers rank at the tenth place in the study (average 2.99 glasses), they are the strongest drinkers in Europe. 13 percent of Poles drink more than 10 alcoholic beverages per day and 8 percent said they really did not remember how many drinks they had.

Wine is the most popular drink on vacation. It is the preferred drink of 36 percent of the respondents. Versus 31 percent who opt for beer. Cocktails, mixed drinks and sangria are also popular among Europeans.


Ibiza is considered “nuisance spot’ by the majority of the Europeans because of drunk people. They especially complain about the Spanish San Antoni, where many British youngsters spend their holidays.

According to the respondents, also the Spanish places Playa de Palma and El Arenal Mallorca are inconvenient because of nuisance by alcohol. Malia, a town on the Greek island of Crete, is also seen has “hang place” of drunken youths.



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