Belsazar Vermouth

New Summer Drink: Belsazar Vermouth

Vitamin D gives us the boost we so desperately seek and it tempts us go outside and socialize with everyone, everywhere. Dutchies know how to party, especially with the combination of sun and drinks.

There is good news for you! There is exactly the drink you wish for your summer. You will fall in love with Belsazar Vermouth the minute you taste this delicious drink.

Back from its retreat of recent years, Vermouth is a wine with a relatively high percentage of alcohol and a mix of herbs to give it a unique taste.

Belsazar only uses the best grapes originating from the Black Forest in Germany to produce delicious wine.

Momentarily Vermouth is mainly known as an aperitif, as the Spanish say “L’hora del Vermut” at 5 pm. However, Belsazar makes it suitable at any time.

The combination of quality, passion and tradition are brought together in one charming bottle. Belsazar Vermouth can be served on the rocks, mixed with a tonic or used in various classy cocktails. You are the one deciding how you will drink it this summer. Let Belsazar’s list of cocktails inspire you.

Do you want to find out more about this magic beverage? Join the Belsazar world full of Berlin’s influences. By clicking on the following link, you will have access to several images:

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