Best Pool of the Year Election (Photo: ANP)

Best Pool of the Year Election

Summer! And that means (hopefully) nice weather. Time to look where the best outdoor pools are located. The annual Best Pool of the year Election has started again. After the first round two winners by province will be elected.

The first round will run until Thursday July 31.

There are two rankings:

1. Based on the number of votes

2. Based on the average rate.

After July 31, there will be two winners in each province: the pool with the most votes and the pool with the highest rating (which could also be the same pool of course). At least 100 votes are required to become province winner.

The participating provinces and the interim score

These are the participating provinces of the Best Pool of the Year Election 2014.

This is the interim score of July 5, 2014 of the Best Pool of the Year Election 2014.

In Haarlem

The Houtvaart in Haarlem has been nominated as possible winner. The pool still needs a couple of votes to become province winner.


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