blue wine

Blue wine, a hit on terraces this summer?

It looks more like a sports drink or windshield wiper fluid than wine, but blue wine seems to be popular on restaurant terraces in 2016.

Horeca Connoisseurs declared blue wine as the terrace hit of the summer. Vincent Janssen, importer of wine at Wijny is already experiencing a very fine summer thanks to the popularity of its Pasion Blue Chardonnay. Janssen said that they had to get used to the idea, but people really seem to like the color and the taste.

You might expect the wine to be cloyingly sweet because it looks like a sports drink, but the taste is more dry and aromatic. That surprise works in its favour. Janssen says beach bars, cafés and even spas want his blue wine because it is unique.

It might not seem like it, but the colour is all-natural. The colour comes from anthocyanins, a natural dye from the skins of red grapes, which gives the white wine its distinctive blue colour. The trend has come over from Spain, where blue wine is already on the rise.

Will you dare to try the new blue wine craze on the terraces this summer?

[Source: Het Parool]

Erica Brusselers