Books - Legal thrillers of Bram Moszkowicz and Leon de Winter

The top ex-lawyer Bram Moszkowicz and the writer Leon de Winter from Bloemendaal and partly Los Angeles are writing a new trilogy: Legal thrillers.

Bram Moszkowicz writes the first part and Leon de Winter the second part of Legal Thrillers. The last part is written by them together. The part written by Bram Moszkowicz, will be titled Maffiamaat or Maffiamaatje and is “about a lawyer who can’t be a lawyer anymore and leaves for the countryside where he starts to work as juridical advisor’’, says the author in an interview for Quote. An autobiographical thriller? “The main character’s name isn’t called Bram or Abraham. But if you read the description you and many others will think of me”.

(Source: Quote)

A particular video of SBS6 in which Bram burns his toga.




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