Botermarkt best market in the Netherlands

The finalists in the category, ‘Small Markets’ in the election of, ‘the Best Market of the Netherlands in 2016’ were Scheveningen, Haarlem (Botermarkt) and Stedebroec.

In the category, ‘Medium Sized Markets’ the Grote Markt was finalist.

Although a cliché, the jury of the election emphasize more than ever how difficult it was this year to come to the finalists and a winner. “We really felt that it was so difficult to nominate a winner in the different categories. On our second visit we focused more than ever on details….”

All finalists were visited again for inspection in January and February. On Tuesday, March 15th  CVAH held a conference in Preston Palace Almelo, where the winners were announced.

The Botermarkt has been nominated the best market in the Netherlands. And not only in the Netherlands, but also of Haarlem, because the Grote Markt ended a close second.



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