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Brexit: The best thing that could happen to Holland

Brexit is the best thing to ever happen to Holland since the golden age. It is now the prime location for international businesses to relocate to. Uber EMEA is already headquartered in beautiful Amsterdam and so are many more companies. I welcome other tech companies to our beautiful country as a European alternative to the unstable UK environment.

Some advantages:

(1) The financial district is 7 minutes from the Airport. That’s better than the 60/90 minute commute in London.

(2) We are fluent in English, but we also speak Dutch, French and German. Sure, you can make fun of our accent, but it’s miles better than the French or the Germans. You don’t really have many other options if you want to continue to speak in your native tongue.

(3) Our roads are superior. They are smooth as velvet. We’ve got a high penetration of electric chargers, a great Airport and one of the world’s most important and smart ports in Rotterdam.

(4) It’s not just our transportation infrastructure that’s superior; right here on the Science Park in Amsterdam is the AMS-IX, one of the largest internet exchanges in the world. We’re also frontrunners when it comes to adopting new technologies. We were amongst the first countries connected to broadband Internet, phones and smartphones. To this day we’re early adopters.. A Tesla Model S might be a luxury good in your country, but here it’s just another airport cab 🙂. We love tech and can’t wait to try out your products!

(5) The quality of life is so much better here than it is in the stressful UK… What are you waiting for?

(6) Did I mention our favorable tax treaties and intellectual property laws? You probably heard of them. Double Irish and a Dutch Sandwich… Well, no more Double Irish, but we’re still very attractive for large companies (NOT just attractive for a paper firm though; we’ve got an intelligent and well educated populace).

(7) We’re entrepreneurs! Our history as a naval merchant-warstate closely resembles that of the U.S.. What brought us to the height of our power is what brought you to the height of yours. Don’t believe me? We invented the multinational firm, the stock exchange, insurance companies, short selling, futures, and many other innovations that are at the core of U.S. economic dominance of the last 30 years. We know how to build great cities; in fact New York is one of the great cities we built. Its first mayor was the Dutch Peter Stuyvesant.. Brooklyn, Harlem, Wallstreet.. Yeah, those are all Dutch too.

(8) We’re ready to rock! Startup fest is the world’s biggest startup event which takes place in the entire country. We’ve got the Startup Delta in Amsterdam and the Cambridge Innovation Center in Rotterdam. There’s a well developed ecosystem to tap into and enough engineers to quench your thirst for code.

(9) Oh.. and by the way, Amsterdam is less than an hour away from London. We’re practically twins!

I could beat you to death with arguments why you should come, but the fact is you want to be here, and you need to be here. Let me be the first to welcome you as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the gateway to Europe 🙂

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[Featured Photo: Arlette Reloaded – Midnight in Amsterdam]

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  1. John Palotes
    John Palotes says:

    Not sure i can call it the most ignorant post on Brexit and the Netherlands i’ve read, but without a doubt in the Top 3. Word of advice, stop presenting your opinions as facts and kindly try to substantiate your arguments. I would have expected a machine learning expert, or any expert for the matter, to know this already but apparently, for some odd reason, you do not. hth

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