Brute burgers

Brute Burgers Hoofddorp

Brute Burgers is a great burger joint with a great atmosphere and warm service located in Hoofddorp Centrum, 5-minutes walk from the Vier Meren Shopping Mall.  Also vegan/vegetarian friendly, the burgers are the star of the show but the sides give a good run for your money too.  If you’re a believer in eating and supporting our local industry, you’ll be glad to know that almost every ingredient in your meal has been locally sourced from our local farmers in and around the Haarlemmermeer like Hoofddorp and Nieuw-Vennep.  Cheese is sourced from the van Wees farm in Nieuw-Vennep and the potatoes come from our very own Hoofddorp.

Brute Burgers

Brute Burgers serve up some stand out appetizers like the humble Happy Wings and the oh-my-GOUDA amazing Cheese Sticks.  Happy Wings are served in sticky sweet sauce with a delightful peppery and crunchy batter, I find it very difficult to not order these whenever I come here.  The chips are rough cut, perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.  Chips may also come served with several delicious seasonings and served with the obligatory Truffle or Garlic Mayo. We had the Italiano which is Parmesan, rosemary and a touch of truffle oil.

The main stars are the burgers: ranging from premium Scottish Angus beef to the amazing vegan alternative, beetroot. Each burger is handcrafted from the glistening bun (so delicious and soft) to the luscious patty and you can absolutely taste the difference in each bite.  The top picks we recommend are the Brute Burger (blend of Scottish Angus and dry-aged beef, well-balanced with truffle and pancetta) and the Ghandi (beet patty beautifully paired with carrot/radish pickle; this burger is so good I actually prefer it over meat!).


Brute Burgers

Brute Burgers


Overall, Brute Burgers is a wonderful place we find ourselves returning to because of the love and generosity in every meal which you can taste and feel; especially once we got to know the wonderful crew (featured in our next post!) that work so hard to make sure you have a great and unique experience.


Why this is great: amazing service, fantastic burgers, warm atmosphere.


Brute Burgers

Cuisine: Dutch, Burgers

Address: Concourslaan 5B, 2132 DH Hoofddorp

Phone: 023 743 54 50


Also does home delivery by phone or website (depending on your location), available on Thuisbezorgd.