There is recurrent car vandalism in the Vijfhoek in Haarlem. Local Municipality and Police are aware of the situation but do nothing. The citizens pay the fee of this uncontrolled vandalism.

Car vandalism in the Vijfhoek

Last Friday morning my car was damaged in de Vijfhoek. The perpetrator has fled. Local residents say that trucks very regularly do not easily make the bend in the Gedempte Raamgracht, damage a car and flee. The Municipality of Haarlem and the Kennermerland Police are aware of the situation but do nothing. The citizens pay the fee of this frequent, uncontrolled vandalism.

I bought my car 4 weeks ago. And I drove it for 3 weeks through France, also close to Marseille, which is known as a criminal city. No problems at all.

On Thursday evening I parked my car on Gedempte Raamgracht, at the corner with Wilsonplein. On Friday morning my car was damaged. No excuses, no notification, nothing at all.


Locals are aware of car vandalism in the Vijfhoek

I investigated whether the neighbors saw anything. Yes, they did. They saw a big truck that couldn’t make the turn and was having problems for a while. This happens very often, they say. Trucks are just too long to make a turn without hitting anything. Neighbours have not seen or heard the crash, neither somebody running away, but they suspect that it was the truck that had so much trouble just before.

Truck drivers are insured. Then why not stop and leave a message? Probably not to loose their no-claim. Scandalously antisocial!

In the mentime I heard from two nieghbours living in my street they experience exactly the same situation, they were also parked around the Gedempte Raagracht and got hit by vans who run away.


Municipality of Haarlem and Police Kennemerland are notificated but don’t do anything

Local residents have reported this regularly occurring situation and vandalism to the local municipality and police more often. And have also signed a petite for a car-free (no guest traffic) Vijfhoek. Nothing has ever been done. The Municipality of Haarlem and the Haarlem Police are aware of the situation but close two eyes. Why? Local residents think for commercial interests: there are bars, restaurants and shops that need to be refilled. In this way the Municipality captures double income: parking tax from the citizens and tax from the catering industry and shops.


The citizen is the victim

Who is the victim in this situation? The citizen. Perpetrators do not take responsibility and no one has any control over this known vandalism. I have to pay for the damage of 1200 euros myself. As 2 neighbours of mine had the same accident but were better insured. So a tip: do not close a car insurence with

Nobody is proctecting me from this car vandalism in my own living place and neigbourhood. After me there will be more duped civilians. As no one seems to have any intent to change the situation.


Car vandalism Gedempte Raamgracht_2

Car vandalism in the Gedempte Raamgracht in Haarlem



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  1. Frans Blanchard
    Frans Blanchard says:

    In reply to your article I got the following reaction of InShared.

    Dear Mr Blanchard,

    Thank you for explaining your previous email to us and for sending us the link.

    We are very sorry that Mrs Arianna has a bad experience with us. And we are disappointed that the municipality and police are not working with the people in the neighbourhood to help prevent these types of damages. As for our part in this, it seems that she can still file a claim and we will help her via the ‘Waarborgfonds’. We hope she does reach out to us, so we can help her further.

    If you want to notify us of anything else or you have any other questions left, do let us know. We are happy to think along. Have a good day!

    Kind regards,

    From everyone at InShared,


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