How To Carve A Halloween Pumpkin

How To Carve A Halloween Pumpkin

Many people would like to carve Halloween pumpkins! Getting in the mood, preparing the atmosphere for a party, surprising kids…. Plus, what could be more therapeutic than hacking a pumpkin to bits?

But Pumpkin carving isn’t just for kiddies you know. Learn how to start carving your pumpkin with expert tips on how to carve a Halloween pumpkin in this free video clip. This video shows you five great pumpkin related tips for you to try this Halloween. Carve your Jack-o’-lantern to another level!

Some additional tips for Carving the Halloween Pumpkin

  • When it comes to picking a pumpkin, the bigger it is, the better.
  • Carve a circle shape out of the top of your pumpkin (if it’s easier, draw the circle before you carve it out).
  • Scoop out the centre and pop in a Tupperware box – you never know when you might fancy some pumpkin soup.
  • Draw a face onto the outside of your pumpkin. Triangle shaped eyes always work well. Don’t be too precise, they’re meant to look scary not polished.
  • Carve along the lines you’ve drawn so that the eyes, nose and mouth have been removed.
  • Pop in a candle and you’re good to go.
  • Having a Halloween party? Keep a pumpkin spare to use as an ice bucket.
  • If you’re feeling really adventurous then why not try replicating these friendly lookin’ fellas? Courtesy of this talented bunch…

(Tips source: Huffington Post)

Carving the Halloween Pumpkin with Kids

We have selected a nice free video and background music for you:


Looking for indoor activities for your little one on a rainy day? How about helping Ollie to find pumpkins for upcoming Halloween?

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