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Cashless Travel in Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s transport company, GVB announced of its aims to make all public transport in the capital cash-free in 2017.

From March 26th, all buses in Amsterdam will cease to accept cash payments. For night buses, this rule will take effect from February 1st.

Currently trams are not yet affected; GVB aims to make trams cashless by the end of 2017. Considering that in 2016, 8, 2 million cash payments were taken by tram conductors; GVB anticipates the changeover will take some time.

According to GVB, this change will make it easier for tourists. Tourists purchase about 15.000 tickets per day in Amsterdam.  GVB aims to increase the availability of tickets in hotels and tourist hotspots, as well as vending machines at stations and stops.

Also new for tourists is the Amsterdam Travel Ticket, available in Schiphol train station and Airport. This ticket allows users to travel at a few days at a time via the NS train service.

People who have OV chipkaart will not be affected by this change. You can still pay using your bank card on 550 buses and trams.

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