Real Espresso in Haarlem (Photo: Nick Ferrara)

Real Espresso in Haarlem

Looking for a real espresso in Haarlem? Check out Mogador in the Botermarkt. Espresso here is always amazing and in my opinion the best in Haarlem.  
Pig in a blanket recipe by Appetit Voyage

Piglets in a thick puffy blanket

I adapted the traditional pig in a blanket snack recipe into this so easy and quick one, that it will become one of your must haves in any of your parties! Some years ago, it was difficult to find some ready to cook puffy pastry dough,…
Haarlem is Ready for Food Revolution Day tomorrow! (Photo: Katherine Strous)
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Haarlem is Ready for Food Revolution Day tomorrow!

Food Revolution Day 2014 is coming on May 16th and it’s happening here in the Netherlands. The Food Revolution Day (FRD) is an initiative organised by famous chef and food activist, Jamie Olivier to inspire people to eat more healthy and to…
expatsHaarlem living on the edge: drinking Chianti wine
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Myth busted: Red wine and chocolate don't make you live longer.

It has been common knowledge for decades: There is something in red wine that also happens to pop up in the chocolate ingredient list and is super healthy! This substance makes up for the bad effects of saturated fat and alcohol and prevents…
Weekend lunch: Quick and Easy Spring quiche

Weekend lunch: Quick and Easy Spring quiche

This recipe is a free adaptation of the French quiche but made with spring onion, bell pepper and bacon, perfect for a light lunch or for the weekend! It takes no more than 30 minutes to be ready to serve and it is really quick and…
Restaurant review: Toujours fish & meat
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Restaurant review: Toujours fish & meat

Last week my hubby and I tried a for us new restaurant in Haarlem: Toujours, on the Oude Groenmarkt. We had passed by many times but always doubted about entering. A quick view in the entrance gives a good impression, thanks to the modern, stylish…