Cito scores 2014: Compare schools in your municipality (Photo: RTL Nieuws)

RTL Nieuws has made a calculation tool to compare the final Cito test scores of elementary schools in each municipality.

Look at the chart on the RTL Nieuws website

RTL Nieuws gave each school a score. If you type in their tool the name of your municipality, you can compare the scores of all the schools in that municipality. Once you have searched, the bars associated with the schools in your community appear on the right image.

The ranking list that you see above is not an absolute ranking of the best schools in your municipality. The schools are only assessed on their final test score in the last three years, which has been compared with the background of the students.

Look for more information about the schools, such as the raw scores and reports of the inspection on the RTL Nieuws map. There you can also see how these scores were determined.



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