Clothing industry revises children's sizes (Photo: NOS)

Clothing industry revises children’s sizes

Dutch children are on average 2 kilos heavier than they were 12 years ago, and their waists are 4 cm thicker, according to research institute TNO.

“The current children sizes, of 12 years ago, are too small nowadays. Children have become fatter. Especially from size 140 the difference in waist size is bigger”, says Daanen Hein, researcher at TNO and lecturer at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

The new measurements have been worked into standard clothing sizes by the clothing industry institute Modint. Older children in particular are larger in girth but have not increased in average height.

“A smart clothing manufacturer knows which products do not sell. If their clothes turn out to be too small, they will adjust the size”.

(Sources: NOS, AD)


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