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Community Yoga: Free weekly Yoga class, with big benefits

My job is great, but after a long week, my back and mind are on the exhausted side. When Friday comes around, I want to get in some of my exercise for the week, but my gym has become so crowded that even a yoga class there was starting to turn into stress due to the crowds of people that show up.

But having a gym membership meant, I wasn’t too keen to sign up to all the new yoga studios and bootcamps that are popping up on a weekly basis and invading my facebook newsfeed. However, one week a friend asked me to try this special community yoga class at Pop-up Yoga Studio Haarlem. The class is free and you do not need to be a member, the only condition is you give a small donation (minimum 2 euros) to the community jar, which goes to charity. I couldn’t really argue with a free class for charity or the fact my physio was on holiday and I needed some action for my back, so I gave in and went. The result was pure zen.

Firstly, the studio is a little paradise in the center of Haarlem on the Kleine Heiligland 84. It is as if you walk into a spa with all the right colours on the wall, Buddhas strategically placed and candles. Brand new yoga mats, blankets and pillows are awaiting to help you step into a world of relaxation. The class itself is 75 minutes and for all levels. You are eased into the class by the soothing voice of the instructor Veronique who can do the class in English if there is an expat in the class. You soon find yourself drifting into another world as you go with the flow of breathing and stretching. This isn’t one of those sit and meditate classes, the relaxation comes naturally through the flow of postures. Although I have been doing yoga for a few years, somehow with one adjustment from Veronique certain postures suddenly feel like I have been doing them wrong for years and I now realize how hard such a basic stretch can be. The class is perfect if you experience tension in your back or if you sit behind a desk all week or simply you need to clear your mind. By the end of the class it feels like you have had a massage and you are ready to ease yourself into the weekend.

Pop-up Yoga Studio Haarlem

After the class, everyone is invited for a free cup of tea and conversation in the living room, which is another room of ambiance. The studio itself is a pop up concept and tentatively has plans to stay there until the start of next year. Sign up is not needed for the community yoga class, which is Friday evening’s at 7:30pm. Just bring a contribution amount of your choice, but minimum 2 euros. For now, the charity jar will go to help the refugee crisis.

If you want to treat yourself to some weekly relaxation with an added bonus to do some good for the community. Then the Pop-up community yoga concept is something for you.

Libby Horwitz
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