Connecting or Networking.

If you want to create a lifestyle doing what you really love, do you practice networking? If you are connecting with people, how is it helping you?

As I was speaking for the Women Economic Forum in Portugal (WEF, Tomar) last week, I gained some important insights that could help you with your connecting skills. You can watch this video, recorded at a beautiful location, where I share my experience and insights about how connecting can help you.

Have you heard of: ‘’It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’’
Some people support that 100% or even have evidence of this thesis. Others may argue that  ‘’It’s being in the right place at the right time and saying the right things to the right people.’’ or ‘’The future belongs to the competent’.

Watch the video here and continue reading for the what, why and HOW to connect.

Connecting or Networking, What, Why, How?


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, networking is defined as the exchange of information or services among individuals to cultivate productive relationships for employment or business. The definition of connecting is to establish a relationship in which a person or thing is linked or associated with something else. A connection is a relationship that occurs as a result of successful networking.


When you google ‘’Why networking’’, you’ll find an endless list related to career and career growth. If you want to climb the career ladder,  Here are some of the key networking benefits:

●        Strength business connections

●        Advance your career

●        Get access to job opportunities

●        Interconnected business contacts resulting in more knowledge

●        Get career advice and support

●        Get an answer to every question

●        Find a job you love

What if your goal is to QUIT that career and create the life YOU WANT???
CONNECT, CONNECT, CONNECT!!! Take networking to the next level.

In the video, you have seen how connections have impacted my life, my actions, and my surrounding tribe in the most beautiful ways.

Humans are social animals: We crave feeling supported, valued and connected. The feeling of belonging anywhere in the world is a wonderful outcome that starts with creating connections everywhere I travel to, and evolves in friendships. For me, these are the ingredients to live a balanced life, which was the topic of my speech at WEF (you can watch it). You’ll hear me speak about the benefits of FRIENDSHIPS and the term ‘’Friendfluence’’.

Research has also shown the benefits of social connection including:

  • Increased happiness. A key difference between very happy people and less-happy people is good relationships
  • Better health
  • Decreased loneliness
  • A longer life
  • Emotional support
  • A source of advise
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem,

Start a conversation, ask a question, ask for a direction, talk about a similar interest. Meeting new people can happen in the supermarket, on the train, sitting on a bench, a tour bus, in a dance class or at the gym. You can choose to connect with locals, expats, travellers, and through social media, or meet-ups. If you lack ideas or want to have clear actionable techniques to use right away, simply check out ‘’How to make friends anywhere’’, a course that shows you exactly how.

Be creative and most of all have FUN!
A smile is universal, and a great starting point. Try it out!

In the course  ‘’How to make friends anywhere’’ (receive a discounted coupon if you PM me) you’ll go through all the steps and many practical ways to create connections right away. Whether you join a gym or a book club, whether you connect online or offline, whether you are an intro-or extravert, you CAN create connections!!!

Are you hesitating? Comment below and let me know, so we can increase your connections so that you can live the life YOU want. 

In conclusion, Networking leads to lifelong friendships, and if you want proof, then go to my YouTube channel and see how I make friends in every country, resulting in having a bed to sleep in many different countries across the world, thanks to the connections I created over the years.

Build connections, build relationships, talk to strangers, create a conversation. Meanwhile, give that “hello” a shot and see for yourself!

I look forward to staying in touch with you, and sharing more information about achieving success abroad.

Safe Travels!