Death by Chocolate Recipe (Photo by Olga Mecking)

Death by Chocolate Recipe

My obsession with this dessert began many years ago. I was still living in Warsaw and we had this cafe where my mother, brother and me would have breakfast together. Said breakfast consisted of a glass of orange juice, a pot of tea (oh how I miss tea served in a pot in the Netherlands!) a club sandwich with I think ham, cheese, cucumber and tomato and a slice of charleston.

I can’t believe there was a time that I didn’t know about the existence of this heavenly cake. Soon, the sandwich was forgotten because it meant eating less cake.

What is charleston, you may ask? In a restaurant in Canada I learned that it has another name: Death by Chocolate. I guess this is a much more fitting name. And I was reminded of that cake in the cafe and became obssessed with finding a recipe. I did and I made it and out came perfection.

This is by far the most chocolatey thing I’ve ever had. It is rich, not to sweet, simply perfect. It is in fact so rich that when I brought it to a party, many people didn’t touch it because it was too much.

Use only good quality chocolate with a high content of cocoa, between 60-80%, depending on how sweet you like it. In short, go to a special shop, perferably a chocolaterie and ask for their good stuff. You may also buy it at the supermarket and that’s what I did but the better the chocolate, the better the cake.


(Photo: Olga Mecking)


I have made the death by chocolate many times and rarely have I experienced such results with so little work. This cake is deceptively easy to make. Too easy, even. Luckily, you cannot really eat a lot of it because of the richness.

I love how everyone has their own chocolate cake- I certainly love this one on Yummy Mommy Club and this one looks amazing and it is apparently the best.

As for me, I will hold on to my chocolatey wonder. After all, everyone should have their own chocolate cake and this, without any doubt, is mine.


(Photo: Olga Mecking)


You will need:

  • 250g (2,5 bars) of good quality dark chocolate. I used 3 by “mistake” and it was also great
  • 125g (half a stick) butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 50g flour
  • 175g sugar
  • Whipping cream, heavy cream
  • Whipped cream

In a pan, melt two bars of chocolate with the butter until you get a soft, smooth shining mass of deliciousness.

In a bowl, beat the three eggs until smooth and add sugar and flour. Slowly, add in the chocolate and mix together.

Grease a pan and pour the chocolate batter into it. Bake in 200 centigrees. The time varies so put a timer for 12 minutes, and if it’s not ready by then, check every 3 minutes. The cake should be soft but not gooey, and definitely not too hard.

Now, while the cake is baking, make the glaze: pour the whipping cream into a pan and add the remaining half chocolate bar. Wait until the chocolate melts and mix until you get a smooth shiny glaze. Pour over cake and wait until just settled.

I made this cake for friends just a few days ago, and just writing the recipe makes me want to stick my fingers into it…again!

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