It’s finally payday! You have been working hard all month and your long-awaited payslip has been delivered! But what is this? What does this mean? We decode all those numbers and long Dutch words for you.

According to Dutch Review, the minimum wage in the Netherlands can be summed up like this;

  • Age: 20, minimum wage €50,98 per day, €254,90 per week, €1.104,60 per month
  • Aged: 21, minimum wage €61,91 per day, €309,55 per week, €1.341,30 per month
  • Age: 22+, minimum wage €72,83 per day, €364,15 per week, €1.578,00 per month

Now for the minimum wage based on hours, per week:

  • Age: 20, 36 hours = €7,09; 38 hours = €6,70; 40 hours = €6,38
  • Aged: 21, 36 hours = €8,60; 38 hours = €8,15; 40 hours = €7,74
  • Age: 22+, 36 hours = €10,12; 38 hours = €9,59; 40 hours = €9,11

The figures above are correct from the start of 2018 and are based on a full-time employee of 36 – 40 hours per week. These figures are subject to change and inflation.

Your Dutch Payslip.

These are the words you will find on your payslip and what they all mean;

  • Salaris Periode – the period of pay
  • Personeelsnummer = Your employee number
  • BSN = Your Dutch social security number (your BSN)
  • Geboortedatum = Your date of birth
  • Afdeling/Functieomschrijving = Your job role
  • Anciënniteitsdatum/Datum in dienst = Date you started your employment
  • Salaris/uurloon = Your gross salary (before tax)
  • Minimumloon = Minimum wage
  • Verzekerd voor WW/WiA/ZW/Zvw = social security you contribute to
  • Bijz. tarief/heffingskorting (ja/nee) = tax rate (percentage) / general tax credit (yes or no)
  • Gewerkt uren = Hours worked
  • Sociale verzekeringen (SV) = Your social security contributions
  • Reiskostenvergoeding = Transport reimbursement cost
  • Totaal Netto = net salary after everything – literally what will be paid to you for that month
  • Vakantiegeld = holiday leave, in hours

If you are eligible for social security premiums, these will also be on your payslip.

Your net salary is what your salary is after everything has been deducted. Your gross salary is how much your salary is without any tax or anything being taken off.

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