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DeDAKKAS: A new green pavilion restaurant on the roof of a parking garage!

Saturday the 10th of June saw the start of the crowdfunding campaign for DeDAKKAS – a new green pavilion restaurant on the roof of the Kamp parking garage in the center of Haarlem.


DeDAKKAS is a project which has known challenges from the start. Since Dennis de Waart’s initial idea in 2014, a lot of effort has been put in to guide this unique project through the planning and permission process, which was achieved with the help of Jeroen Spek and Victor van Veleen. The day-to-day running of the venue has been on the agenda in meetings with neighbourhood stakeholders, and various cultural establishments have shown interest in working with DeDAKKAS on events and happenings. The permits for building and running of the business have been granted for the coming 10 years and the start of the build of DeDAKKAS has been green lit. Banks, brewers, nd builders are working together to give the pavilion restaurant the allure the location deserves. A unique, accessible, urban venue for delicious clean food and drink with a fantastic view of the city centre. There will be a restaurant housed in a greenhouse, a large roof terrace and a city park which will be designed as a social, green and sustainable space.


One of the ugliest buildings in the most beautiful location in a picturesque city

After rising through the bleak concrete building you reach the roof and are rewarded with the most beautiful view of the city. It was this view, combined with the tranquillity of the location that sparked the idea for a relaxed and informal bar-restaurant where friends could come together to catch up or enjoy the sun on one of the lounge beds. The atmosphere of a beach bar right in the city centre.


Green façade

The first phase of the transformation of the parking garage has already begun. The city of Haarlem is, together with DeDAKKAS, planting climbing plants along the western façade. Next year this side of the building will be green, colourful and lush. And not only that, this green façade will contribute to the environment in this mainly concrete city by relieving heat stress and absorbing fine particulates. This fits in perfectly with Haarlem’s ambition to become a greener city. Quite the fitting new role for a parking garage.


Suistainable entrepreneurship

DeDAKKAS wants to introduce its guests to innovative and sustainable developments in food, drink and urban farming in a relaxed and informal way. And raise awareness in an unconscious way. Next to more well-established products there will be innovative new products such as beer made from rain water or from food industry  rest products. DeDAKKAS will compost waste, produce some of it’s energy themselves and buy biological and local whenever possible. Green and vertical planting will take centre stage on the roof. DeDAKKAS will also grow as much of the it’s produce as possible.


DeDAKKAS will open its doors on the 1st of March 2018 and building works will commence this autumn.

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First published on Haarlem Foodies.

Translated from Dutch to English.