Downloading illegal

Downloading from illegal sources: as of today officially forbidden

Illegal downloading didn’t exist in the Netherlands. Now it does.

As a consequence of a judgement of this morning of the European Court of Justice about the unfairness of home charge copy, illegal downloading of movies, music and other author rights protected material without paying for it, is forbidden. This is what the Secretary for Safety and Justice, Fred Teeven (VVD), announced today. Monitoring compliance will not be a task of the government but of author organisations like Stichting Brein. These can detect offenders via computer programmes en send them a bill. The creators will receive more income.

What does this mean?

The Court affirms that there is a difference between material that you have bought and material that you got from illegal sources. Material got from illegal sources is in conflict with the Authors Rights, is not covered anymore by the home charge copy law and is forbidden. From now on.

Can I still download?

Yes, you can download, as long as you don’t do it from illegal sources. Downloading a movie on a torrent site is illegal, buying a song via iTunes and downloading it is legal.

Uploading, that means offering author rights protected material, was forbidden already.

What happens when I download illegally?

Nothing, yet. The Court affirms that downloading from illegal sources is forbidden but the legislation is not applied yet. The Secretary for Safety and Justice, Fred Teeven, has also announced to come with a plan within 2 weeks. So, we have to wait to know what exactly the amendments will be. It’s sure that it will be tough to ascertain who downloads from illegal sources.


(Sources: RTL Nieuws, NOS, De Telegraaf)

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