Learning A Language By Popping A Pill? (Photo: Huffington Post)

I just saw a YouTube movie, previously published and commented on the Guardian, about a very interesting debate on this issue: Are drugs the answer to language learning?

In the words of the Guardian: “Could smart drugs be the future for language learning? What are the moral and ethical implications of medically enhanced education? Would you take a pill if it would help your ability to learn?”

In April the Guardian communicated in an article that scientists had discovered that drugs previously used to treat mood disorders can dramatically enhance your capacity to learn. The Guardian asked a panel of experts to look at the research behind the claims, talk through the social and moral consequences of this potential new language learning method and express their opinions about it.

These were some of the questions tackled by the panel of experts at the recent Guardian and British Academy debate on July 10th. Watch the highlights here:


What is your point of view? “Would you take a pill if it would help your ability to learn a language?”