Duinrell: a fun day out or family vacation

Duinrell is an amusement park located in Wassenaar, close to The Hague and Leiden, approximately 40 minutes driving from Haarlem. It’s wonderfully located in the forest and dunes and nearby a wide beach and the park itself is one of the most beautiful amusement parks of the Netherlands. With lots of attractions park Duinrell offers plenty of excitement, fun and relaxation for younger and older children and is nice for mummies and daddies too. The tropical Tiki Pool is great, with one kilometre of waterslides, water showers, artificial wave pool etc. The Tiki Pool seems to be the largest covered waterslide paradise in the Benelux. We went to Duinrell 2 years ago for the day. An action won at Kruidvat. We enjoyed our day so much that last year we decided to rent a Duingalow for the weekend and let granny come too. The advantage of a Duingalow is more time there of course. Without having to run to do everything in a day. And also, if you stay overnight in a Duingalow you can enjoy daily free admission to the amusement park and discount for the Tiki Pool. This year we did the same. The park was not open yet but the pool, playground and Plaza were. And forest, dunes and sea are always there of course. Last year we just stayed at the park, this year we ended with a visit to Scheveningen, half an hour farther, to get a taste of the real ‘Scheveningse maatje’ of course! Great place, great weekend. I definitely recommend it. But, as for all the parks in the Netherlands: try to avoid big holidays and weekends. Or anyway the Sunday. The queue at Tikibad was Sunday twice longer than Saturday. We also had fabulous sunny weather. Unfortunately you can’t order that! An impression of our stay in video:


An impression of our stay in pictures:

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