Dutch Beer Week

Dutch Beer Week

Today starts the Dutch Beer Week (20-29 May, 2016). 

The Dutch Beer Week (Week van het Nederlandse Bier) is an annual event occurring in late spring that focuses on promoting Dutch beer culture.

About Dutch Beer Week

Feeling that the association with mass market brands was becoming overwhelming, the major players in the Dutch beer sector banded together to create the Dutch Beer Week.

The main components of the Dutch Beer Week include the Dutch Beer Festival tasting in The Hague, the open Brewery Days and a co-ordinated programme of activities at specialty beer cafes, breweries and shops throughout the Netherlands.

Esteeming Dutch beer

The stated goal of the platform is to present product diversity and help consumers appreciate the rich brewing culture found in the Netherlands.

Although a small country, the Netherlands is the largest beer exporter in Europe.

More than just basic pilsners and lagers, the Netherlands produce specialties heavy winter beers, traditional gruit beers, fruity spring bocks, light summer beers and the popular autumn bocks.

Dutch Brewery Days

Outside The Hague, the week continues at locations throughout other cities and provinces.

One of the most popular parts of the Dutch Beer Week is the open Brewery Days.

Throughout the week, more breweries open their doors to let visitors sample their products and to allow them to see and learn about the brewing process first hand and about accompany your tastings – food pairings,

Jopen Beer Haarlem

During the Dutch Beer Week in the Jopenkerk Haarlem, the Jopen Proeflokaal Waarderpolder and the newest Jopenkerk Hoofddorp you can taste the best Jopen beers or enjoy one of the exclusive tastings, such as the Beer and Curry Dinner, the Cheese War or the Barrel-aged Tasting.

More information and tickets: www.jopenkerk.nl.

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