Appeltaart tuned into a Dutch Cheesecake with no oven (by Appetit Voyage)

Appeltaart tuned into a Dutch Cheesecake with no oven

This is a personal interpretation of the Dutch cheese cake / appeltaart. A quick and easy recipe mixing apples and cinnamon into a delicious cheesecake!

I arrived in Haarlem (NL) a few years ago, to taste the life here! I already knew the Netherlands, I lived there one year before, about 11 years ago now,… but the switch from Madrid to Haarlem in autumn was still huge and I tried to get adapted.

The Dutch gastronomy is not really famous… Actually, it does not really exist… I am sorry! Food and wines are not the main priorities for Dutch people, so they do not have neither a real gastronomic culture… Said like this, it is a little depressing for somebody like me.

But I decided not to be stopped by this and try to find the good parts of food and wines in this country and perhaps, help people to know better about this subject!

Something I really enjoy here is all the cafés you can find, all so cute, with candles, flowers, etc,… I love to sit next to the window or outside and choose my tea, or have a cappuccino,… and if I am a little bit hungry, I choose an appeltaart met slagroom!!!! It is absolutely delicious!

So I had an idea for a romantic dinner I prepared with my boyfriend. I wanted to do something like the appeltaart, but with the challenge that I didn’t have an oven for the moment at my new home!

Then, I created this Dutch Cheese Cake!

Ingredients for 4/6 persons:

-200 gr. Speculaas cookies

-100 gr. Butter

-2 Apples

-200 gr. Cream cheese

-50 gr. Sugar

-100 ml Cream

-3 Eggs (only the whites)

-3 Jelly folds

-2 tsp. of Cinnamon (you can put less if you don’t like the strong flavour! Or change it for a cinnamon tea)


1/ Crush the speculaas in crumbs. Melt the butter, when it’s liquid, wait for 2 min. and then mix it with the cookies crumbs. Pour this paste in a baking pan wrap with plastic film and press the dough in the bottom. Put it in the fridge for 30 min approx.

2/ In the meanwhile, boil the cream and add the cinnamon. Let it infuse for 5 min out of the heat, lid on.

3/ Mix the cheese, the sugar and the whisked egg whites in a bowl till you get a smooth mixture.

4/ Put the jelly folds in cold water to smooth them and add it to the hot cream. Mix properly in order to dissolve the jelly well. When this mix is lukewarm, add the cheese and mix it well.

5/ Put it on the top of the cookies and put it again in the fridge.

6/ Peel the apples and slice them. Rooast the slices with a little bit of butter in a pan and add 2 tbsp. of sugar to get caramel. When the apples are golden and caramelized, take it off and put it on the top of the cheese cake, that should be already a little bit thicker. Place again in the fridge until serving.

6/ Serve the cheese cake with whipped cream or chocolate sauce. This is a perfect recipe to be prepared in advance and a delicious dessert whenever you have friends or family over. You really get the flavours of Holland, without oven!

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