Dutch Wingman condom makes “furore” in Germany (Picture WN)

Dutch Wingman condom makes “furore” in Germany

The Wingman condom is presented these days at the Hannover Messe, the most important industrial fair in the world. Here the Wingman condom, also known as the one hand condom, got a lot of attention. 

The Bild, the biggest German newspaper writes: ‘Holländer erfinden Einhand-Kondom’.

The Wingman condom was invented in 2006 by the Dutch Paul Breur and Adnan Tunovic. The Dutch product developer Gerbrand Bas explains in Bild that they tried to find a solution for the clumsy use of the ‘classical’ condom: give the condom wings to easily enrol it, even with one hand in the dark, without having to touch the rubber yourself.

The invention is thus born from ‘personal frustration’. ‘Putting on a condom is not really sexy, fiddling at the wrong moment and the feeling during the sex is also less. That’s why we developed a complete new condom that does what it has to do, but without you noticing it. How do you have to put on the condom? You tackle the Wingman by its wings and enrol it off till the wings release.’

‘Also when making love the Wingman gives an “almost without” feeling: ultra-thin and soft for a natural feeling’.

The Dutch company Wingman won in January a German design award for their condom with wings.

In the meantime Wingman has sold more than one quarter pieces.






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