Dutch crèches refusing non-vaccinated children

Dutch crèches refusing non-vaccinated children

At least 5 crèches in the Netherlands now refuse children who have not been vaccinated, according to a survey conducted by RTL News.

Of 560 daycare organizations that responded to RTL’s questions about vaccination policies, 118 said that they should have the right to refuse anyone who may pose a threat to the other children, even if it is not an official protocol.

Jacqueline Kuipers, director of the Kinderdagverblijf het Vosje in Haarlem, agrees that the health of staff and children is more important than the right for parents to choose not to vaccinate.

“We only take children who are vaccinated,” Kuipers says. “Some crèches will take children who have not been vaccinated only to get new customers and I think that’s really terrible. We want parents to feel safe bringing their children here.”

Earlier this year, a child in the Hague became seriously ill after contracting the measles from another child who had not been vaccinated against the disease.

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  1. expatsHaarlem
    expatsHaarlem says:

    Good post, Tracy. This is a difficult issue: democracy, right de to choose, tolerancy… But I think that Health comes in first place. If vaccination can prevent illnesses, better do ask for it.

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